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Expert Landscape Installation in Nashville, TN

A Fresh Start For Your Property

Looking to breathe new life into your yard? Grounds and Tree Care offers top-tier landscape installation in Nashville, TN. We plan, prepare, and install to make your vision come to life, always ensuring that the final result reflects your personal style and needs.

Premier Landscape Installation Services in Nashville, TN, and Surrounding Areas

Revitalize your property with the landscape installation services provided by Grounds and Tree Care. From being a reliable landscape planner to providing comprehensive site preparation, we strive for perfection. We install hardscapes and carefully selected plants to create an outdoor sanctuary tailored to your preferences. Our team is passionate about using our tree planting services and expertise to bring your vision to life. We take pride in transforming properties into stunning, functional spaces.

landscape installation nashville tn

Our Process: Landscape Installation

Our landscape installation process is a structured journey that ensures your outdoor space is transformed precisely to your vision.

  • Planning: It all starts with you. We hold comprehensive discussions with you to understand your preferences and necessities. Our landscape planners create detailed designs, incorporating suitable plant species and materials based on your vision and the existing layout of your property. This stage is crucial in ensuring that the ensuing work aligns perfectly with your expectations.
  • Site Preparation: Next, our diligent team gets the area ready for transformation. This involves clearing the area of any unwanted debris and accurately leveling the ground. We also address any potential drainage issues and install necessary utilities like irrigation systems. Our attention to detail during site preparation lays the foundation for a successful landscape installation.
  • Hardscape Installation: Our services extend beyond just greenery. We place non-living elements like patios, pathways, retaining walls, and water features to add structure and functionality to your landscape.
  • Planting and Softscape Installation: With meticulous care, we bring life to your space with our tree planting services. We ensure the soil is adequately prepared, the plants are positioned for optimal growth, and factors like sunlight exposure and water requirements are met.
  • Finishing Touches: Upon the completion of installation, our work isn’t done. We undertake a thorough final review, fine-tuning aesthetics and functionality, ensuring every detail aligns with the design plan and your desired outcome. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Making Your Property More Beautiful

Every landscape installation we undertake in Nashville, TN, adds to the city’s overall aesthetic charm. Our team of professionals commits to enhancing every property, be it residential or commercial, while keeping the natural vibe of the city intact. Through our work, we aim to bring more green spaces and beautiful landscapes.

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